My Take on 2021 Interior Trends

You could say that, in a way, 2020 was a year that “disappeared”—or rather—was canceled, in a really big way. The interior trends of Countryside Chic, Classic Blue, ornate mouldings, and other bold trappings as reported in this 2019 article, all went the way of crowded house parties as soon as the first few reports of Coronavirus infections trickled in.

In turn, people hunkered down, planted their own food, baked pan de sal, and focused on the most important thing: staying at home and surviving. In a way, the pandemic emphasized what should be one of the most important aspects of one’s life—having a comfortable and efficient home. Flashy cars and designer bags soon became déclassé and useless; kitchen gardens, a home office, and a good-quality oven are now must-haves.

More than creating a home that one can brag about to others (please don’t invite other folks to your house for your own safety), it is all about making a home to please yourself this time. Here are some predictions for 2021 interior trends gleaned from Good Housekeeping and Insider:

WALLPAPER. Highly patterned wallpaper (such as this Robin Sprong wallpaper from Studio Eleven) and maximalist designs will replace mumsy, subtle, country-ish interiors. “Grandmillennial” or “Granny Chic,” which had its start in the early 2020s, will continue into 2021.
A HOME OFFICE. When physical offices closed at the beginning of the pandemic, the need for an actual home office or work-from-home space became increasingly important. Squeezing in a small but efficient WFH area, as seen in this study area in a bedroom as designed by Rod Lascano, can do for condo units. Read the full story here.
ENVIROSOCIAL DESIGN AND SUSTAINABLE LUXURY. “The world is healing” became the catchphrase of 2020. So why not help it along from now on? More design and furnishing companies like Hacienda Crafts (left) and The Olive Tree (right) are focusing on sustainable and fair-trade production for all their pieces.
RATTAN AND NATURAL MATERIALS. This interior design rendering by Urban Abode for KAZA Siargao, shows two major trends for the incoming year: old-school rattan and wicker furniture. The natural materials add warmth, lightness, and comfort to a home you would stay in for most of the day; not to mention, these are just perfect for our year-round tropical weather.
DARK COLORS, GRAY AND YELLOW. Everyone’s talking about Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (right), but there is also the other trend of bold, jewel tones (seen left in a Graham and Brown wallpaper from Studio Eleven), which can be used to express your own personality in your home.
EDIBLE GARDENS. Of course, there is the plantita/tito craze that everyone’s getting into. But instead of merely collecting ornamental plants, why not grow edible plants instead? Homeowners who planted their own edible gardens were not at a loss for food during the hard lockdown. Cedarhills Garden Center in Quezon City sells these super-affordable edible grow kits containing seeds, fertilizer, potting medium, and pot.
Here are my own sweet basil cuttings, which I’ve saved from my friend’s own garden, and repotted into new basil plants! So now I have sweet basil all year long!

Images from Urban Abode, Studio Eleven Modern Fabrics, Hacienda Crafts, The Olive Tree, Cedar Hills, Pantone; work-from-home photo by Paulo Valenzuela; basil cuttings, my own photo. Header image from Urban Abode.

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