Museum Girl: KisMet

I first visited the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in the mid-1980s. We went to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank) on a field trip, but I didn’t want to watch coins being minted. They gave us a choice of going to the bank or the museum—I chose the museum instead, and even if IContinue reading “Museum Girl: KisMet”

An Honest Post

I’m taking a one-day break from design babble to talk about how ordinary folks are represented in lifestyle articles. I’m sure you have your fill of “fave-celebrity-doing-normal-things” viral posts, but when a call for a lifestyle or inspirational article about people like you and me are brought up, the editors sometimes get a knee-jerk reactionContinue reading “An Honest Post”

Pod Living in Pasay

While visiting designer Willie Garcia at her JunkNot Concept Store opening last February, I couldn’t help but notice how fun and quirky Selah Pods Hotel was. For starters, it strives to be an eco-friendly hotel (this is the main reason Willie chose it for her showroom), as its main public area opens to an airy,Continue reading “Pod Living in Pasay”

Cabinet of Curiosities: UST Museum

My father and two brothers studied at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). They used to share memories that were alien to me, such as eating sandwiches from a magical vending machine, and perching on the brise soleil of the Engineering Building. And then I asked them a question that left them stumped: Have youContinue reading “Cabinet of Curiosities: UST Museum”

Triboa Bay Tour

Almost every local interior designer I know has bought or sourced from Triboa Bay Living, a local brand of beautifully designed, contemporary furniture pieces and accessories. So it was quite a treat to photograph their factory for the Manila FAME Touchpoint website (more on that later). A bit of trivia: I only found out, belatedlyContinue reading “Triboa Bay Tour”