Revisiting the Charms of 2680 FB Harrison

“2680” reads like Wong Kar Wai’s “2046,” (Tony Leung’s birthday today, by the way) but 2680 FB Harrison is actually an address and a destination located smack in the middle of Pasay City, right past a motel and a depot for kitchen goods, and before a Catholic school for hearing impaired children.

Artelano 11 (or a11) is run by interior designer Eric Paras and is a collective of local and international furniture and accessory brands, All photos by the author.

The address is unusual in the way that the fact that a whole bunch of stylish folks from various design and art industries are lumped together in a 1940s residential compound is extraordinary in an otherwise ordinary neighborhood.

Avellana Art Gallery is owned by Albert Avellana. (Right) Paintings by Allain Hablo, robot figures by GP Peros, sculpture by Impy Pilapil.

We first featured it way back in 2006, when having any sort of showroom away from a shopping mall was a novel idea. The tree-lined, quiet compound filled with white, post-war homes was the location of an art gallery, a museum curator, a fashion designer’s atelier, an interior designer’s home, and multiple furniture showrooms.

A lot of designers and homeowners visit a11 for their treasure trove of ceramics. (Right) Revol “crumpled” espresso cups.

It was the place to go to for most of a decade, to shop and mingle and network, and meet all the purveyors of style.

Both renowned and up-and-coming Filipino artists exhibit regularly at Avellana Art Gallery. This is at their second exhibit space.

My friends and I still drop by regularly. And even with a lot of moving out and moving in, the arrival of a hotel, and a regular rigodon of tenants, showrooms, and actual residents, it still is one of the loveliest places to visit in the middle of day, in the midst of a crazy city.

a11’s second “house” is the location of their accessory and dinnerware showrooms.
My son at the second floor of Avellana Art Gallery at the last Christmas exhibit.
One of the numerous furniture vignettes at a11’s “second house.” Furniture by a11 and Industria Edition.

Overall address: 2680 FB Harrison St., Pasay City. Contact Avellana Art Gallery at (02)8833 8357, and follow them on their Facebook page and on Instagram. Follow A11 on their Facebook page and on Instagram.

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