Triboa Bay Tour

Almost every local interior designer I know has bought or sourced from Triboa Bay Living, a local brand of beautifully designed, contemporary furniture pieces and accessories. So it was quite a treat to photograph their factory for the Manila FAME Touchpoint website (more on that later).

Sims nd Skor chairs, photographed by Kit Singson for Manila FAME

A bit of trivia: I only found out, belatedly from a Met Museum exhibit on maps, that there is an actual Triboa Bay in the Pampanga area. Am I the only person to know this?

Photo of the Triboa assembly area by KIt Singson for Manila FAME

Triboa Bay Living’s amazing CEO Randy Viray and his staff were kind enough to tour us around their 500sqm factory in Pampanga with stylists Dagny Madamba, Tala Singson, and photographer Kit Singson. I have to say that it is one of the cleanest furniture factories I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Photo by Kit Singson for Manila FAME

In three different factory areas, they produce more than 300 furniture and product designs, and regularly come up with new ones. They also have a special project launching this year (hopefully once the lockdown eases up).

Finishing the base of their famous Brianna staircase lamp. Photo by KIt Singson for Manila FAME.

You can read more about Triboa Bay’s last collection here in the Touchpoint website that we produced. And you can check out the rest of their products on their official site.

Dagny in her comfy mask

Another thing: we were given cloth masks to protect us from the sawdust that was flying around the factory. These came in handy a month after, when the Taal Volcano erupted and there was an ashfall in Metro Manila. (I also used them at the start of the pandemic, before it became bad.)

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