Makati Garden Club’s Hidden Gems

After a couple of months of hard lockdown, I was actually too scared to step out of my northern home, let alone dine out, but cabin fever was getting the best of me. So when the promise of a safe lunch and an outdoor jaunt with my friend Liza cropped up, I said yes.

The Get Cozy in Nature pop-up at Makati Garden Club.

The outdoor jaunt was primarily to take a peek at Get Cozy in Nature, a lovely little pop-up store at the Makati Garden Club. Running until January of 2022, and just in time for the holidays, Get Cozy in Nature is a collective of fashion, lifestyle and household items, gifts, and even food that’s all carefully chosen; in fact, the whole pop-up looks like the cozy home of a very chic, well-traveled friend!

Woven bags from Probinsyana, Happy Light MNL, and the Florence Fling dress that I love.

Some of the featured, homegrown brands include woven bags by Probinsyana, pretty Florence Fling dresses, Cariloo’s tropical wear, For Keeps beauty products, and my faves: Capsule Prints’ antique botanical prints (some dating from the 1800s!) and Happy Light MNL’s fun lamps made out of upcycled liquor bottles.

The jewel box of finds that is Melograna.

Of course, since we were there already, we had to make a pit stop to Melograna, Ruby Roa’s delightful jewel box of a shop. It really is like a jewel box of fantastic finds!

Inabel flats and slippers, oriental dolls, a burl wood desk tray.

Within its ruby red walls (ruby red, of course), It’s like deep diving in your well-heeled, most tasteful friend’s things. Chockfull of bits and bobs from all over the world, such as China dolls, burl wood veneer and horn desk accessories, antique sewing scissors, and carnival glass to shoes and blouses made out of our indigenous fabrics, there is something for everyone here. I bought her pom-pommed inabel shoes from HABI fair a couple of years ago.

I fell in love with the decor of this secret store at the back of Makati Garden Club.

But let’s talk about Makati Garden Club itself. I’ve been to MGC a couple of times before for events, but it was only yesterday that I got to explore it in full. I’ve been yearning for safe outdoor spaces, even in our pre-pandemic days, and have found Metro Manila seriously lacking in that aspect. MGC was established in 1957, and is still here in their permanent location, thanks to Ayala. There used to be cozy café before called Maria Luisa’s Garden Room, but it is gone now. 😦

There are winding pathways that lead to little plant vignettes. Some of the plants are for sale.

If you haven’t been here before, you’ll be absolutely surprised to see that beyond its cement wall is smoggy and noisy EDSA! I felt calm and centered walking through MGC’s winding pathways and looking at all the lush vignettes (some of the plants are for sale, and there is a flower shop at the far end of MGC) while their resident dog Oreo toddled nearby. I couldn’t believe this was in the middle of Makati, and it was so peaceful and meditative just being there. Because Makati Garden Club is the hidden gem in this story.

Will come back here soon.

Makati Garden Club is located at Recoletos Street, Makati, just a little off the corner Ayala Avenue and EDSA (access is along Ayala Avenue, there is a bit of parking). Get Cozy in Nature is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. All photos here are by me.

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