A Tailored Home

Since I’m an old geezer in the design world, I love hanging out with younger designers and architects. They’re just so much lighter to be with; they have tons of fresh ideas, and they always help each other.

This 400sqm home designed by Rod Lascano, uses an open plan in the main living spaces. The live wood topped dining table is by OMO at LRI Design Plaza, and the chairs are from Philux (photos courtesy of the designer).

One of them is Rod Lascano, who I usually bump into at my favorite coffice (sorry, coffice is no more, what with the current pandemic). Rod is a firecracker, and juggles managing his décor biz Metier Home (lovely mod accessories and dinnerware!), spewing invectives online at national misdemeanors, and handling his design projects.

The beautiful ikitchen island also serves as an extra spot to entertain guests.

And what I like about his works is that whether it’s a milk tea shop or a posh lobby, there is always a certain clean crispness to it. Yes, clean, crisp—and polished, which is good!

The luxe kitchen is by Siematic. Drop lights here are from Luxen.

Polished is what I could describe this home that he designed for a family in AFPOVAI, Taguig City, along with co-designers Nadine and Lejeune de la Cruz. “Our overall concept for the design is to make a home that’s modern, but timeless,” Rod says. “We wanted to balance the solid colors with certain wooden textures to give warmth. We kept the colors neutral to add to that cozy feel.”

The living room’s sectional sofa is from Bo Concept. The enormous proportions are just right for this four-storey house for a family of six.
The double-volume ceiling is the perfect spot to hang these Schema pendant lamps.

Here are some photos of the home; there’s a comforting, modern toastiness to it (that sounds strange, but it does feel like it!). Meanwhile, follow Rod Lascano here, and Metier Home here.

All photos in this story are courtesy of the designer.

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